I’m a scientist at Duke University, and run a lab focused on metabolism and metabolic regulation. Starting in chemistry, we work on a lot of diseases including diabetes and cancer . Lately I’ve been interested in how people come up with good ideas, scientific and otherwise. I’ve started a writing project called Heureka!, which explores ideas around creativity and idea generation. I don’t know where the project will go, but am having fun with it (plenty of reading, thinking, and writing). Also starting a new course this fall on Data Science in R for biologists. I think tools in Data Science could really help graduate students and the biomedical science enterprise. I do a lot of garage gym workouts to stay fit, and recently have gotten into obstacle course racing. Did one, and had a ton of fun. Got invited to the National Championships, so will race there next. My kids are still young, so having fun chasing them around in this brief time they want me around.